Tips for Financing a Car with Poor Credit

While some people have the option of walking into any dealership and financing a car, not everyone is this lucky. Some people have credit issues that prevent them from being able to be approved for financing. Thankfully, companies like Consumer Portfolio Services are working tirelessly to help individuals finance the car they need, with as little stress as possible. The following offers some tips on how individuals can get approval, even if their credit is poor.

Tips for Getting Approved

While getting approved for auto financing is tougher with poor credit, it certainly is not impossible. There are some tips that can help individuals improve their odds of getting approved and they include the following.

  • Before a person even starts the process of looking for auto financing, they need to know their credit score. Individuals can check their score for free and determine if there are any errors in reporting.
  • When someone has a downpayment for their car, they are more likely to be approved for auto financing. The more money that can be put down on the car, the less the amount that will need to be financed.
  • Getting pre-qualified is much easier than showing up at the dealership and getting embarrassed. Getting pre-qualified means a person will be prepared and know how much they can afford in a car.
  • Shopping around is crucial because some lenders are more lenient than others. If a person’s credit score is truly poor, it would be wise for them to work with a lender who specializes in approving negative credit scores.
  • When choosing a finance company and getting pre-qualified, individuals need to make sure the terms they are given are the final terms. Ensure everything is written up in a contract and ready everything before signing, even the fine print.

Get Started Today

If you would like help getting approved for auto financing with bad credit, CPS can help. Visit the website today and learn how they help high-risk borrowers get the financing they need for their next car. If you would like any assistance, they will be happy to answer your questions.