Ordering Materials From RMFP, a Denver Lumber Yard, for Residential Outbuilding Construction Projects

When residential property owners want to construct an outbuilding on their land, they may buy affordable wood for the project from companies like RMFP, a Denver lumber yard. The lumber is suitable for constructing garden sheds, storage sheds, playhouses, chicken coops, dog kennels and garages. Softwoods like pine, fir, spruce and cedar and commonly chosen for these home improvement projects.

The Planning Process

Property owners can find building plans at many online sources. Pre-cut kits also are available, but many men and women like to do their own construction from scratch. They enjoy the entire process of looking over plans, making a decision and starting to shop for materials. They may be very particular about the project they have in mind and they know exactly how they want the end result to look.

Design Considerations

A basic storage shed typically is the most affordable outbuilding. Metal sheds with flat or low-pitch roofs cost the least, but many residential property owners do not care for the look of these buildings. They’d like something more stylish that actually enhances the look of their property, even if the new building is in the backyard. All the neighbors whose windows and decks look out at that yard will see the shed frequently.

Roofing Considerations

If the property owners plan to spend time in the outbuilding focusing on gardening projects, woodworking, quilting or any other pursuits, a higher-pitched roof makes the interior feel more spacious. This requires additional lumber for framing underneath. Since this region receives a lot of snow over the winter and into spring, roof reinforcement is a sensible idea.

Pricing for the Project

When a more elaborate exterior design and interior features are desired, the cost naturally will increase. The cost of lumber from a wood supplier such as Rocky Mountain Forest Products is connected with the size of the project, as well as the species of wood and the grade of lumber chosen by the customer. A two-stall garage can be expected to cost substantially more to build than a basic garden shed, although a work shed that includes plumbing and electricity is a higher-end outbuilding.