Hearing and Reading Inspiring Content From Successful Entrepreneurs

Aspiring entrepreneurs today have a broad range of ways they can read and hear information from business owners they find inspiring. Because of the Internet, it’s easy now to find video and podcast interviews, transcripts of interviews, blogs and social media featuring these successful individuals. Someone who is interested in becoming a management consultant might look for video interviews of an entrepreneur like David Johnson of Cane Bay Partners or follow this person on Twitter.

What information might these prospective entrepreneurs discover when they pay more attention to the people they find motivating?

Tips on Productivity

One possibility would be tips on becoming more productive. Many men and women struggle with this as they have so many distractions. They have a list of projects to accomplish, but they also are receiving emails and Voicemail messages they need to answer. They can learn how to better prioritize their tasks and stick with an efficient schedule.


Scheduling is crucial since statistics show that around 20 percent of entrepreneurs work more than 60 hours per week. About 60 percent report working between 40 and 59 hours per week. That can make life balance a challenge.

Diet and Exercise

If someone follows a few different successful business owners, this person will find that they tend to recommend many of the same actions. For instance, they will find a common theme regarding diet and exercise. A healthy diet and regular exercise can be essential for maintaining a high-energy lifestyle.

Competitive Athletics

Because these individuals are competitive, they may be attracted to athletic competitions for which they need to be physically fit. If they don’t pursue this type of goal, their company may sponsor athletic events. For example, Cane Bay Partners has sponsored the Ironman St. Croix triathlon in recent years.

Powerful Inspiration

Listening to interviews and talks given by successful entrepreneurs and reading the written content they post can be powerfully inspiring. Many men and women say that doing this significantly changes their lives in positive ways. They become more effective in their career paths while still being able to improve their health and enjoy fulfilling personal relationships.